InterGuard keeps recorded data in your account for 14 days before it is deleted. If you wish to keep data for longer than 14 days there are a couple of options listed below.
After logging into your account at there are two widgets on the first login page which explain the extended data storage options. These are found on the far right hand side of your account and are shown below.
Extended Viewing
Extended Viewing allows you to keep unlimited recorded data in your account for a period longer than the default 14 days. Click the Buy More option to see the options for extended viewing. You will be able to upgrade your account to 30, 90, 180 or 365 day extended viewing which will keep all recorded data for a rolling 30, 90, 180 or 365 day period before deletion.
Once data exceeds this timeframe the data is deleted and is no longer recoverable.
Long Term Storage
Long Term storage is used to keep certain data after it has exceeded your viewing period. Long Term storage is purchased in blocks of 50 megabytes on a monthly recurring basis. Once data has exceeded your viewing period it will begin to use the purchased Long Term Storage. If you exceed available Long Term Storage, the oldest data will start to be deleted in your account. To avoid this, you have the option to bookmark specific data from the Recorded Data section which will prevent that data from being deleted altogether or purchase additional 50 megabytes of storage.

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