Smart Camera configuration and troubleshooting guide for PC or MAC

Smart Camera allows you to take screenshots whenever a program is used or a certain website is visited on the target computer. Smart Camera requires configuration to start working along with available screenshots. Follow this guide to use and/or troubleshoot Smart Camera issues.
1) First check to see if you have available screenshots. Screenshots are one-time use and are required for Smart Camera to function. On the main screen after logging into your web account there is a Smart Camera counter on the top right of the screen. You will need to have remaining screenshots to use Smart Camera. If you do not have any screenshots remaining please purchase additional screenshots from the Buy More button:
2) Next, browse to Settings > Recording & Blocking, turn the setting to "ON" and click Settings to the right of Smart Camera Screenshots.
3) In the Settings window select the tab to configure either Snapshots by Program or Snapshots By Website.
4) Use the resource list or add your own program or website to the list by typing them in to the search field and adding them to the active list.
  • Interval is the amount of time in between screenshots. (Example: The user is on for 3 minutes total and the interval is set to 30 seconds. In this case, you will capture a total of six screenshots as two screenshots will be taken every minute.)
  • Duration is the total amount of time screenshots will be taken for this particular program or website. (Example: Duration is set to 30 minutes for Microsoft Word. Screenshots will only be taken for the first 30 minutes that Microsoft Word is in use. After 30 minutes screenshots will no longer be taken until the program is closed and re-opened. This configuration method is meant to save available screenshots so you do not use an excessive amount of screenshots for a single event. To avoid this limitation, set duration to "unlimited" and screenshots will continue to be taken without a limit.)
5) Make sure to click "Save Changes" at the top of the window before closing out of pop up.