How to upload a custom list of Alert Words for Alert Word screenshots for PC or MAC

1) Login to and navigate to Settings > Alert Words:
2) First, create an alert word category by selecting the "Add" button under "Create your Categories":
3) Give the new category a name and click "Ok":
4) Place a check mark in the box next to this new category. In step #2 "Add your Alert Words" click the "Add" button:
5) In the "Add Alert Word" box, select "(click to upload file)" option and locate a .CSV file of alert words. Utilize one of the attached .CSV files below and change or add alert words to the .CSV file as you see fit, then click "OK":
6) Navigate to Settings > Recording & Blocking, click Settings to the right of "Alert Words Screenshots":
7) Check the boxes if you would like to take screenshots when the alert word is only typed on the screen or only viewed in a website or both:

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