How to set Antivirus Exclusions for AVAST Free Antivirus on PC Running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

Awareness Technologies
1) Locate AVAST Free AntiVirus antivirus software which has an orange circular logo in the status panel on the computer you wish to monitor. Right click the icon, select AVAST shields control > "Disable Until Computer is Restarted":
2) On the "Component Stop" pop-up message select "Yes" to continue:
3) Now launch your web browser and navigate to the web console. Click on Settings > Downloads & Licensing and proceed to download and install the software. When prompted to reboot the computer un-check the box to select "no" so the computer does not reboot.
4) Click on the "Help" tab on the bottom left of the window and then "Anti-virus Exclusions":
5) On the Anti-virus Exclusions page locate the path to exclude for your antivirus software:
6) Locate the folder path for exclusion depending on if this is a 32 or 64 Bit operating system (find this out here).
7) Right click the AVAST icon again from the status panel. Select "Open Avast user interface":
8) Select "Settings" from the lower left hand side of the AVAST interface:
9) Scroll down to Exclusions. Type the file path located in step #5 above and click "Add" the path must contain a trailing asterisk /* after the path to be configured properly:
10) Select the "Active Protection" tab in settings > Then click "Customize" to the right of File System Shield:
11) Click "Exclusions" in the File System Shield Settings window:
12) Enter the folder path from step #5 above in here as well. Make sure all three boxes labeled "R, W and X" are checked and click "Add". The path must contain a trailing asterisk /* after the path to be configured properly:
13) Once completed, then reboot the computer.