How to set Antivirus Exclusions for Microsoft Security Essentials on PC Running Windows 7 or Windows XP

1) Locate Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus software in Windows 7 or Windows XP which is a green icon with a white check mark in it.
2) Disable Real-time protection from Settings > Real-time protection. Uncheck the box and hit Save Changes:
3) Now launch your web browser and navigate to the web console. Click on Settings > Downloads & Licensing and proceed to download and install the software.  When prompted to reboot the computer un-check the box to select "no" so the computer does not reboot.
4) Click on the "Help" tab on the bottom left of the window and then "Anti-virus Exclusions":
5) On the Anti-virus Exclusions page locate the path to exclude for your antivirus software:
6) Locate the folder path for exclusion depending on if this is a 32 or 64 Bit operating system (find this out here).
7) Return to Windows Defender and set the exclusion path found in step #5. Click Browse and locate the folder from above. Click "Add" and then "Save Changes"
8) Once completed, then reboot the computer.

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